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Company name :  Forest and Sea Products Company

Tax code: 4200393700

Main Office Address: 01 Huynh tinh Cua Street, Nhatrang City, Khanhhoa Province, Vietnam

Tele: 58-3731526
Fax: 58-3731527

Email address: foreseant@dng.vnn.vn

Website: http://www.fas.vn



Establishment date: Since 20/11/1989 and re-established 01/01/1999

Business licence no: 059274 granted by Khanhhoa Provincial Department of Planning and Investment on  16/6/2006.

Domestical bank account:0061000000312

Foreign bank account: 0061370006315 at   Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Nhatrang Branch (Vietcombank-Nhatrang)

Scopes of business: Producing , trading in rattan furniture and handicrafts and processing forestry products.

Markets for exports: in Europe

Total value of investment construction, machinery and equipment: 18,000,000,000 VND.

Labor force: 600 workers

Chairman of Management Board, concurrently CEO: Mr. Le van Luat
Fixed phone: 58-3884070

Handphone: 0913462025 




Main products: Indoor and outdoor furniture made of rattan,synthetic ,wood ,aluminum,etc, or a combination of various materials.





At present, with a labor force of 600 skilful workers and with 15,000 m2 for working shops on a total area of 30,000 m2 of land, we can make a growth of productivity  to meet customers’ requirements when necessary.


Our annual turnover at 3 million USD, our products have been exported to many markets in the world such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan, Republic of Czech.....


Specializes in producing and trading in high quality interior and exterior furniture, made of rattan, wood, synthetic materials...., at customers’ order with own designs for every hotel, restaurant, resort. etc. from various suitable models.



Chairman of Management Board ,concurrently CEO: Mr. Le Van Luat

Fixed phone: 58-3884070

Handphone: 0913462025 


For further information concerning cooperation in business, marketing or placing orders,  please contact  sales department at phone number 0084-58- 3731370 or at cell phone number 0913452508 of Mr Hoang



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